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Why will Monday suck? Let me tell you.
Well I’ll have school. But that’s not the bad part.
I’m driving over to Brian’s(our breeder’s dairy cow ranch) to return two dairy heifers who’s owners will be graduating this year and no longer can keep the girls at the school barn. Wait Evelyn! I thought you were a senior too!
Well yes I am too. But I will not be returning my heifer because she was a baby when I picked her and she has only shown at stock shows for one season. Stock shows allow for the same animal to show twice, so you pretty much get two show seasons with every animal. Well my friends little sister really likes my heifer and asked if I would let her show her for her last show year. Of course I said yes. So I will still get to see Anabelle anytime I’m home and drive out to the barn. She just won’t be mine.

So Monday will suck because
A: I’m gonna watch two really good friends cry their hearts out and hand over their babies.
B: I’m signing over Anabelle back to Brian so he can sign her over to Amanda.
So Monday will be my last day as her owner.
I still get the comfort of knowing she’s at the barn and I can visit any time I want. But she’s just no longer mine.
I raised that heifer.
And knowing that Monday my signature will change my name from her “mother” to her “other mother” and she’ll have a “new mother” is too much for me.
It pisses me off.
Breaks my heart.
And I wish I could keep her forever.
Fuck man.
I just really fucking love my heifer.